Zeta’s Still On The M.O.V.E.!

Service. Excellence. Ambition

M: Motivating each other

  • Promote overall wellness of the Sisterhood from the inside out in efforts to retain and recruit like never before
  • Reaching out and encouraging undergraduates to apply themselves towards scholarships, certifications, forums, and much more that aids in becoming a better & wiser Zeta
  • Encouraging undergraduates to attend Zeta conferences on all levels
  • Be accessible for conferences, workshops, and sorority events to motivate Sorors

O: Optimizing our assets

(The undergraduates are the assets of Zeta)

  • Preparing undergraduates for leadership offices, as well as journeying with them on advancing our business techniques and conductivity of meetings
  • Advocating for interactive dialogue between graduate and undergraduate members, whereas solutions for concerns may be properly assessed
  • Support and work with the undergraduate leadership officers on the International, Regional, and State levels as they assist in providing solutions, perspectives, and new ideas for the Sisterhood

V: Valuing the plan

  • Create opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in the forefront of plans and decisions so that they may not go unheard, overlooked, nor put last.
  • Enhancing the transition from the undergraduate level into the graduate level, by establishing and implementing a transitional toolkit and program to increase the retention rate. It will start 6 months prior to Sorors graduating from college. The program includes a monthly webinar, a sister circle for their specific career field, a mentor, toolkit, transfer card, & certificate.

E: Educating each other

  • Sharing, learning, and focusing in on Zeta’s identity through her history and governing documents with the undergraduates
  • Establishing semester goals for undergraduate Zeta Weeks on their prospective campuses.
  • Continue to support and enhance the National Undergraduate Webinar Series

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