Greetings Sorors!

With great determination and intent, I am excited to seek the office of International Third Anti-Basileus at Boulé 2020. I know that with my experience, as well as my passion for Zeta, has truly equipped me for this position. It is with fervency and ambition, that I am still on the move aiming to enhance the longevity of our Sisterhood. Being a resilient woman of God, I know that: service, excellence, and ambition are the essential tools for exalting the purposeful gifts within the body of our illustrious organization. It is us, the stewards and inheritors of Zeta, that must nurture and fulfill our Founders’ sweetest dreams. If elected, I assure you that as one, we will grow stronger and wiser with motivating each other, optimizing our assets, valuing the plan, and educating each other.

With Love,

Ivy K. Arnold



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Boulé 2020!

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